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MingFeng is well known as a high-end quality box manufacturer for the unique projects it has prepared for collectors editions and luxury lines. Always exploring new ways for its clientele to differentiate, the company highlights the allure of its cork box packaging.

100% eco-friendly

Cork is a renewable raw material and considered to be the leading global sustainable material with little to no wastage when industrially processed. Naturally lightweight, this strong and resistant material can be molded with adhesive to produce packaging with the unique natural finish which is offered by cork. As a natural material, cork offers myriad grain, texture and color choices, so that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

MingFeng's cork material packaging can be recycled following use, and the company also provides eco-friendly, ISO 9001 and BSCI certificates for its cork products.

Cork box packaging from MingFeng can be produced in either Chinese or foreign cork with custom molding.

MingFeng's cork boxes are ideal for a range of markets including cosmetic, luxury, spirits and more, with a look that stands out.

Caption: Cork box produced by MingFeng with Chinese cork.

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MingFeng proves that stand-out design is the name of the game in the wine and spirit world

As young buyers now search for innovation and originality, spirit and wine companies are demonstrating how, with just a burst of colour, twist on tradition, and material enhancements, brands are able to transcend the parameters of the mass-market and launch themselves into the luxurious. MingFeng is no exception to the rule, stepping up to the challenge of fabulous design, and boasting the hallmark of luxury packaging.

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