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MingFeng’s services cover everything you need to develop the ideal packaging for your products. Join us on a journey to find out how we turn your ideas into reality.


MingFeng has professionally experienced packaging designers who are able to design your custom packaging for you. Bring us your idea and we will help you bring it to life. If you already have a design, feel free to send us a sample, or an artwork file. We can start with what you have and perfect it for you.


Prior to production, many details have to be finalized. The materials used and their availability, the project budget, the overall lead-time, logistics., etc. are all important factors of the process.

MingFeng’s product development team will guide you through the entire process to ensure that a satisfactory production plan is executed.


Production is done in China at MingFeng’s large manufacturing facilities. Mingfeng has been producing packaging for over 20 years, serving hundreds of world-class luxury brands all over the world.

The end result is a final product that meets all expectations.


Our factory’s huge capacity enable us to secure the lead time for you. No matter how large the quantity of your order is, we are able to handle it. With more than 15 years of serving United State’s customers, we are experienced in handling international freight issues. The entire process is carefully taken care of so that it is frustration-free.

MingFeng packaging is a global leader in providing high-end packaging solutions, focused on intelligent design and green manufacturing for the Cosmetic, Jewelry, Liquor, Coin, Gift, Confectionary and Health-care industries.

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MingFeng proves that stand-out design is the name of the game in the wine and spirit world

As young buyers now search for innovation and originality, spirit and wine companies are demonstrating how, with just a burst of colour, twist on tradition, and material enhancements, brands are able to transcend the parameters of the mass-market and launch themselves into the luxurious. MingFeng is no exception to the rule, stepping up to the challenge of fabulous design, and boasting the hallmark of luxury packaging.

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