Show A Little Love: The Recyclable Heart Container


Add a touch of romance to the shelves with one of Moulded Packaging Solutions' highlight pieces, The Heart Container.

Spread love to the shelves and the environment with this heart-shaped container which can be manufactured in PET or with recycled material (rPET).

The fun shaping and generous size of the product encourages consumers to keep the container after use, making the model the ideal package to inspire reuse and recycle initiatives.

Customize your Heart container in 3D!

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A ‘Giant’ PET/rPET custom mould packaging solution by MPS

Popcorn Kitchen Ltd Giant Money Bottle is filled with hand-popped popcorn and is the No2 gifting product for their business. When requiring a BRC++ accredited moulded packaging solution, MPS was able to provide a custom-made giant bottle solution with consistent quality and availability. The project uses widely recycled PET, with a plan to include 30% rPET in the next few months to reduce the impact on the environment. Reaching a striking height of 52cm, the giant bottle creates an eye-catching, WOW gift as an attention-grabbing focal point for any gifting category.

Melt Hearts with The Snowman Container

Meet The Snow Man container, one of MPS’s highlight products that adds a touch of character to your product presentation. Suitable for the Food and Beverage industry, The Snow Man container provides extra festive fun to grab consumers’ attention from the shelves. The container has been moulded in the shape of a snowman, including subtle facial indentations and button details. The pack can be produced in recyclable PET and rPET to meet individual requirements.

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