Dropper tubes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications

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Tubes, as a packaging solution, are found just about everywhere. They hold everything from toothpaste to sun cream, eye treatment to conditioner. The issue is, tubes haven't been used to hold less viscous products, as they are difficult to dispense correctly, simply spilling out. These sorts of products normally wind up in either plastic or glass containers. The thing is, mono-layer plastic is lacking in barrier protection and glass can often be fragile and weighty.

Neopac, the world's primary source for innovative tube packaging concepts, has released a line of dropper tubes that effectively solve the issue of dispensing aqueous solutions and oil-based emulsions.

The tubes have been designed to offer an innovative head insert that effectively stops products from running out, instead dispensing carefully metered drops. Dosing is not only precise, it can be used to target very specific locations, including directly near the eyes, onto wrinkles or blemishes, or onto a clean cosmetic pad for more general application.

As a dropper solution, dispensing is just the start. All of Neopac's dropper tubes are lined with the company's patented Polyfoil material, a wafer-thin, invisible aluminium barrier coated on both sides with plastic, making it perfect for highly sensitive products. Polyfoil offers protection against light, moisture, and most organic and chemical substances. Neopac has released two specific dropper lines, one geared toward beauty items and the other toward pharmaceutical products.

The beauty droppers provide the clean and precise dosing of highly concentrated contents, ensuring that as little as possible of the active ingredients are lost and can be applied precisely, available in 3ml to 30ml. To round out the offering, the cosmetic droppers can be capped with slender metal caps or full-coverage plastic caps in gloss or matte, metallized or hotstamped. Possible uses include fluid make-up, hair serum, tooth whitening, cuticle treatment, cosmeceuticals, and more.

The pharma droppers are at least as complex and offer three specific closure types depending on consumer needs. They can be paired with Neopac's Miniwing cap, offering small, ergonomic reinforcements which make the cap easier for consumers to grip and turn. They can also come with the smallest certified child-proof nozzle cap in the world. To open it, the user simply presses on the cap while simultaneously turning it, ensuring that children can't get at the product contained. Finally, the droppers can be matched with clear tamper-evidence, providing a visual check to demonstrate the product was not opened prior to first use. Possible uses here include eye, nail, or skin treatments, antibiotic drops, nutraceuticals, and others.

Regardless of the configuration selected, Neopac's dropper line provides better dispensing for products that traditionally haven't been packaged in tubes, providing consumers with a simpler and better solution for their beauty and pharma treatments!

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