The versatile sponge applicator tube by Tu-Plast

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For bike enthusiasts, DIYers, professional handymen, or for the handbag, the tube with a sponge applicator is suitable for a wide range of uses.

Tu-Plast's practical applicator tube is ideal for both the private household and the professional repairman: Car lovers use it on their beloved motor, motorcycle enthusiasts can polish their boots and women polish their bags and their heels with it. DIYers use the sponge to repair small areas of paint damage while the professional handyman uses it to apply polishing paste, liquid glue, wax or other treatments.

The tube is available in 35 and 40mm diameters and the the sponge can be dyed to match the tube or fit corporate branding. Tu-Plast recommends its offset and screen printing options for decoration of the tube.

Tu-Plast will be showcasing the versatile sponge applicator tube at Fach Pack Nürnberg taking place from 29th September through 1st October. The sales team will be on hand to answer any questions at Stand 9-537.

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