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Hoffmann Neopac already offers suitable packaging and supplements the product range with child-safe tins and dropper tubes.

There is a growing need in society for nutritional supplements and healthcare products that can support physical and mental fitness. This is because maintaining physical and mental capacity is becoming as important for aging baby boomers as it is for the activity-orientated, aspiring digital natives.

Hoffmann Neopac offers the pharmaceutical industry as well as the dietary and food industries, food-suitable, flavor-safe tinplate tins as well as Polyfoil® tubes, in which food supplements, liquids and creams are securely packed and remain fresh. The newest tins and tubes are also certified to be childproof.

Certified child-resistant tins

The company already offers airtight flip-top tins with a flavor seal and three-piece tins. Child-safe, opaque tins with filling volumes of 50, 100 and 500ml are being added to this collection; these tins keep dry foods fresh, such as pills and powders, and protect them from children.

The certified child-safe access for children means that the lid can only be removed with simultaneous pressure and rotation after the first opening. For children up to the age of 51 months, the pressure and turn lid cannot be opened. By contrast, for adults and the elderly, the certified child-safe caps are easy to handle.

Furthermore, the tins are completely recyclable. For start-ups or sample purposes, Hoffmann Neopac keeps a stock of around 500 pieces from fall 2018. But larger quantities with individual offset printing and embossing decoration are available.

For liquids - the dropper tube

Pharmaceutical applications of drops for oral ingestion, such as vitamins and cough drops as well as liquid natural remedies, are usually packed in a glass bottle. Glass tubes are often tiresome for the user – "at first no drops appear, then too many appear and too fast" is a statement often heard from consumers.

With Neopac's dropper tube, you can offer your customers a user-friendly option, controlled drops and precise dosage.

Polyfoil® dropper tubes have a filling volume of 3 up to 150ml. The high barrier properties of the Polyfoil® tube ensure that the contents are always well protected. For decoration and branding, various printing techniques such as offset, silkscreen and hotfoil stamping are possible.

The minimum order quantity for tubes is 10,000 pieces.

Comprehensive consultancy services

As a leading manufacturer of primary packaging materials for the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, Hoffmann Neopac offers extensive expertise to its customers on food-compliant and flavor-safe tins. The company advises comprehensively, right from the first concept of a specific application to mass production. All materials are clearly specified and meet the regulatory requirements of EU and US food legislation.

More information : www.hoffmann.ch/en/tins/nutraceutical-packaging

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