Neopac Debuts Mono-Material Double Barrier Tubes with High-Percentage PCR

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Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty and oral care, launched its new Polyfoil® EcoPro mono-material double barrier tubes at the recent edition of Luxe Pack New York. Ideal for personal care and cosmetic products, Neopac’s latest EcoDesign tubes contain up to 60% EU food-grade PCR material in its signature Polyfoil® barrier tube range.

Functional and Eco-Friendly

Neopac’s Polyfoil® EcoPro tube is a high-performance packaging solution that combines functionality and eco-friendliness. It is fully recyclable in the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) stream and has received product approval from the EU’s discerning RecyClass sustainability verification organization, as well as a Suez Grade A rating. Comprising up to 60% PCR material, Neopac also incorporates product contact compliant PCR in the shoulder and cap.

The new Polyfoil® EcoPro tube comes in diameters ranging from 30-50 mm, capacities of 50-200 ml, and has a body wall thickness of 0.35mm, which represents a 30% reduction from the company’s standard Polyfoil® tubes. They can be decorated with a variety of methods including inline digital and offset printing – a versatility that helps make the tubes accessible to manufacturers with large volume cosmetics and personal care products, with variable designs incorporating different languages, product variants and limited offer promotions. They can be combined with HDPE flip-top caps or recycled polyethylene (rPE) screw caps.

The Polyfoil® EcoPro tube marks the latest launch in Neopac’s lengthy series of EcoDesign products. The debut followed several other bio-based tube launches including Neopac’s PaperX fiber-based Tube, drastically reduces both plastic materials use and overall carbon footprint; the Sugarcane Tube, made from renewable raw materials; and the PICEA™ Tube, comprised of 95% renewable material in the tube body and shoulder – including 9% of spruce wood from wood waste in sawmills.

“Our new Polyfoil® EcoPro tubes and the overall PCR portfolio expansion are a result of our continued commitment to developing sustainable packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact and support a circular economy,” said Keisha Broadway, Head Sales North America at Neopac. “We were excited to introduce the new series at Luxe Pack and demonstrate the innovative design and functionality to attendees.”

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Acknowledging the diverse needs of its customers, Hoffmann Neopac AG, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty, and oral care, has introduced a new range of LowPro Flip-Top Caps compatible with its sustainable range of tubes. The series premiered at Paris Packaging Week, January 17-18, 2024, a significant stride in Hoffman Neopac's expanding portfolio of eco-conscious packaging solutions. Neopac’s LowPro Caps can incorporate several safety features. For example, its tubes manufactured in the EU can include tamper-evident (TE) stickers and sleeves, ensuring product integrity and consumer trust. The Indian LowPro cap portfolio also comes with sleeves.

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Hoffmann Neopac has won a Swiss Packaging Award in the Marketing category for the company’s initial project involving its recently launched DigitAll360° tube procurement service. Introduced earlier this year with an online marketplace, DigitAll360° offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.

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