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    Neuni Materio

    Neuni Materio

    Neuni Materio offers a tailor-made membership for designers and engineers. One year membership creates an access to online & offline database and our extensive network.

    Neuni MateriO is a platform that connects innovative manufacturers with companies and independent designers. Our online library houses over 7000 carefully selected material references by our team of engineers, designers and researchers all around the globe. Both physical and online library is updated daily with the latest innovations on an international scale.

    Neuni MateriO mission is to build a bridge between designers and manufacturers to drive innovation by thinking through fabrication. Neuni MateriO will greatly shorten the research & development cycle of all parties with its focus on designs and applications.

    Neuni MateriO is a part Neuni Group and MateriO libraries located in Paris, Prague and Bruxelles.