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5 Things to Look for in a Packaging Supplier
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One of the most critical attributes that you can look for in a supplier (manufacturer or distributor) is the ability to provide accurate and dependable technical support. Most anyone can sell a product but few provide the technical expertise that comes with being a qualified supplier. Here are a few key attributes to look for when selecting what distributor to buy from.

Pack provides effective branding solution
The right type of packaging is a powerful form of marketing. This has been ideally demonstrated by a unique pack and display solution developed and produced by Superfos, a Berry Global company, for Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading producers of quality sweet and savoury snacking products.
Tub delivers lighter weight and improved performance
A new tub from Berry Superfos for one of the UK’s most popular spreadable butters has achieved a 9% weight reduction while delivering increased efficiency on the filling line and incorporating an attractive new look. The need for new tooling for the production of the 500g polypropylene tub for Arla Foods UK’s Anchor Spreadable brand resulted in the company re-evaluating the tub and the processes connected to it.
New tub is clearly good for recycling

The switch from black to semi-clear plastic for a cake tub has had a significant impact on the pack’s sustainability profile. Thanks to the change, the 1080ml tub manufactured by Berry Superfos, for a range of cakes produced by Park Cakes for leading food retailer M&S can now be described as ‘widely recyclable’ in the UK.

Sweet success with striking tubs
Tangerine Confectionery was looking for a high-quality, colourful, and creative pack to re-launch its Barratt seasonal range of the UK’s favourite sweets. The vivid colours of the SuperLift® tubs, made of widely recyclable polypropylene, provide strong shelf standout and have generated fantastic in-store backing with feature space and promotional support, which has led to an increase in demand for the sweets.
Sleek solution for healthy snack
The EasySnacking pot from RPC Superfos is providing a Norwegian dairy with an innovative and image-enhancing packaging solution. Organic dairy Rørosmeieriet was seeking a pack that would support the creative profile of the dairy. The company is now using the sleek EasySnacking pot for its Niste range of yoghurt with muesli topping, as well as for sour creams.
Quality and functionality from ice-cream pack

The high quality, user-friendliness and eye-catching decoration of the sleek EasySnacking pot from RPC Superfos are key factors in its selection for a new range of ice-creams from Russian manufacturer Taice. Thanks to In-Mould Labelling, it is possible to show the texture of the ice cream in razor-sharp photo quality on the packaging. This is complemented by the striking purple colour of the lid that catches the consumer’s attention.

RPC Superfos pot helps spread the word
The relaunch of a popular Slovenian chocolate spread in RPC Superfos’s SuperLock pot has created enhanced on-shelf appeal and contributed to good sales progress. The eye-catching artwork for the pots features a cute cartoon character, and thanks to the advanced in-mould labelling technique from RPC Superfos, the graphic detail is rendered to perfection.
Groundbreak(fast)ing for Le Petit Déjeuner!

The EasySnacking pot from RPC Superfos is being used for a new cereal product that allows consumers to enjoy premium cereal straight from the pack. Ideal for modern customers, Le Petit Déjeuner from Greek company Tsakiris Family is a healthy whole-wheat cereal rich in dietary fibre that, thanks to the EasySnacking pot, can be enjoyed plain or with milk in a single serving size.