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Robinson's Pots, Tubs and Containers
Robinson Packaging

Robinson manufactures all of it's pots using PP, which is widely recyclable. Available with exceptional clarity the pots can also be colour matched to your specification and decorated by in-mould labelling (IML) or post mould labelling (PML).

Irresistible cream spreads now on-the-go
Berry Superfos

Consumers with a sweet tooth love Lino Lada cream spreads; so much so that Podravka, the company behind the product line, recently launched on-the-go versions of two delicious chocolate-hazelnut spreads in the EasySnacking packaging solution from Berry Superfos.

Wet Wipes available from 30% PCR material
Berry M&H
As a business, we are always trying to find ways to decrease our environmental impact. With that in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer both our 2L and 800ml wet wipe containers and closures with 30% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material.
IIC produces new soup tub for M&S
M&S's design specification required leak-proof packaging that simultaneously met the requirements of both hot and cold filling. IIC developed a unique oval shape with a sturdy lid fit which solved the customers filling issues.
Paper-based ice-cream packaging
Paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry is not a new concept, however, as ice-cream packaging it offers its own set of challenges to ensure that the product can be protected and maintained in premium condition until consumption.
What is hybrid food packaging?

IIC's hybrid packaging (also called desto packaging) offers the possibility to reduce the plastic content by up to 80% and still guarantee the usual characteristics. The combination of two components offers countless possibilities for the food industry.