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Tubs Packaging News

Development of Innovative Injection Moulded Food Packaging
SFA Packaging
It is important to develop price-competitive, thin-walled, transparent food packaging using biobased plastics in injection molding, that tackles the challenges of viscosity and barrier properties, aiming to offer consumers environmentally-friendly alternatives with reduced CO2 emissions and potential cost benefits.
Altium Identifies Consumers Needs: Trusource®
Altium Packaging
Altium Identifies Consumers Needs: Trusource® The result was innovative packaging optimized for customer comfort and shipping performance, which delivered significant cost-savings. Trusource originally came to Studio PKG just seeking to optimize their products for shipping. Through empathetic user-testing the Studio PKG team uncovered a consumer need for improved ergonomics, expanding the project scope.
Be Charmed By The MPS Heart Jar
Whether it's to prepare for the upcoming Valentine's or to add a little bit of love to your packaging, Moulded Packaging Solutions produces the MPS Heart Jar, a heart-shaped moulded solution to showcase your product.  The charming container can be produced using recyclable PET or even rPET and can hold 500ml of contents. With the cap placed at the bottom of the pack, the heart and your product become the show-stopping highlight. 
TricorBraun Scores 9 Wins at the 2023 NACD Awards

The annual NACD Packaging Awards are a renowned industry competition featuring the top packages in North America and Canada. TricorBraun has consistently been a top NACD award-winner, earning recognition for packages that showcase the best of what it does for its customers!

Popular cream rolls waltz into Berry’s UniPak container
Berry Global

The versatile UniPak container from Berry Global has been selected by Serbian confectioner the Catic Company for its popular Waltz cream rolls. It is a classic and very flexible solution for a broad variety of applications and offers a wide selection of sizes and shapes - rectangular, square, round, or oval.

Custom Plastic Packaging at Robinson
Robinson Packaging
Need something custom made? The majority of Robinson's packaging solutions are custom made. No matter how specialised the requirement, we are known for getting things done. See custom packaging examples including carpet cleaners, actuators combined with overcaps, air fresheners and foldable hooks for toilet cleaners.
Robinson's Pots, Tubs and Containers
Robinson Packaging
Robinson manufactures all of it's pots using PP, which is widely recyclable. Available with exceptional clarity the pots can also be colour matched to your specification and decorated by in-mould labelling (IML) or post mould labelling (PML).
IIC produces new soup tub for M&S

M&S's design specification required leak-proof packaging that simultaneously met the requirements of both hot and cold filling. IIC developed a unique oval shape with a sturdy lid fit which solved the customers filling issues.