Funky, family-friendly airless animal bottles

  • Neville and More

UK company Neville and More remains true to its core by providing high quality, appealing, innovative products with the Animal Airless Range. The line consists of the Funky & Friendly Brown Bears, Pink Pigs, Green Frogs and Grey Hippos, and is currently available in 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml sizes.

Operation is simple, and family-friendly as one only needs to push down on the top of the animal head, and the product comes out free from oxidation, deterioration, and bacteria thanks to the airless storage environment.

The Animal Airless Range protects delicate products such as skin care creams, serums, and other preservative-free formulations by preventing them from unnecessary exposure to air, thus increasing product shelf life and value to the consumer.

Neville and More's Animal Airless line is an ideal way to package products for the youngest members of the family.


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