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According to a Nielson report, "Europe has entered a new era of e-commerce. Significantly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, FMCG e-commerce growth exploded in virtually all European markets in the peak of the first wave. Today, it’s no longer a question of whether people will shop online, but how frequently they’ll buy, how much they’ll spend, and how they’ll use online shopping habits to supplement or substitute their in-store purchasing."

As e-commerce continues its upward trend, more liquid cream products are being shipped than ever before and packaging that can withstand the rough and tumble of transportation is critical. Consumers do not want to receive a pack where the content has leaked out, and brands don't want complaints about their products because the packaging could not comply, therefore e-commerce ready packaging is integral to both parties.

Neville and More's e-commerce approved disc top cap meets this requirement and is ideal for a range of markets, including personal care, household, healthcare, industrial and more. The cap benefits from a built-in push-up safety mechanism that ensures that the products of the bottle are not accidentally dispensed during shipping to the client. 

While the safety mechanism ensures no leakage during transportation, it remains easy for the consumer to activate in order to dispense the product within, at the opportune time, guaranteeing a stress-free user experience.

Available in the popularly used 24/410 neck size, this e-commerce approved disc top cap is compatible with hundreds of Neville and More's stock standard bottles in recyclable PET and HDPE so that brands can purchase a complete pack quickly and easily from a single supplier.

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