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    Pibiplast Group

    Pibiplast Group

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    Pibiplast SpA was founded in 1954 in Correggio (RE) by Dr. Paolo Bosi as a mould-making workshop for the manufacturing of plastic materials.

    At the beginning, the Company's operations were dedicated to the pharmaceutical packaging production; then it started to specialize a little more in customized items, excelling from the other competitors thanks to its endless innovation. Later, exploiting its fitting in the pharmaceutical network, Dr. Bosi knew immediately that he had to diversify his production  manufacturing packaging for cosmetic products produced by pharmaceutical companies.

    At the beginning of  the '70s , the founder's sons entered into  the company and Pibiplast opened itself to new and dynamic impulses: a new  decoration department was set up and thanks to the know-how of the company , innovations  are continuously  implemented.

    Pibiplast has been generating plastic packaging for the Cosmetic & Skincare Industry since 1954.
    Deeply tied to the lively productive creativity of the Country in which it is located, it has always remained in the Family in which it was originally founded. In 2002, Pibiplast acquired Bomal, a historical company with International experience in the Make-Up Industry. 

    In October 2008, the two companies merged under the name Pibiplast SpA, a real fusion of knowledge and expertise. In 2013 PIBIPLAST S.p.A. extends its production with the new division Pibitubes specialized in the manufacturing of plastic tubes and caps for the cosmetic industry. In 2014 Pibiplast acquired Plast Line a company specialized in EBM technology with high production capacity for GDO market bottles.

    In 2002, Pibiplast acquired Bomal, a well-known company based on standard make-up packaging production and well-known for its dedication in quick logistic and  technical productive structure able to rapidly satisfy  the customer's requests.

    Even though Bomal has been faithful to its original vocation, it becomes a company able to manage customized products  and to satisfy an even more demanding custom target in term of quality and quantity.

    By a commercial, organizational and industrial point of view, in October 2008, this synergetic work brought the two companies to merge in the trademark PIBIPLAST.