The Heavy Base Bottle

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The technical aspects  of the packaging industry normally remain hidden from the average consumer. There are, however, a multitude of issues that result in consumer acceptance or refusal, such as the much-valued heft of  a product. Consumers prefer packaging that's sturdy and capable  of resisting day to day use, and one of the best tests for this is the product's weight in the hand and its resistance to squeezing. Traditionally, varieties of plastic have fallen short with regard to heft when compared to glass or metal.

To change this perception, as well as offer other advantages , Pin Mao has developed what it terms the Heavy Base Bottle. The company's new product design  features an exceptionally thick-walled bottom that gives the bottle extraordinary stability  and an excellent, balanced weight. AND it's made of plastic.

Thanks to the added weight, the bottles look and feel  like glass, but are actually made of high quality, blow moulded Polyethylene Terephthalate, more commonly known as PET. The gorgeous, elegant look of the bottles is augmented by the crystal  clear clarity of the material, creating a piece of packaging that satisfies the consumer's need for a dense and sturdy bottle that's also visually appealing, not to mention the fact that PET is highly recyclable .

For companies, making the switch  to PET packaging provides a number of benefits, apart from end consumer satisfaction. First and foremost, the bottles are generally less expensive  than comparable, weighted glass bottles. Also, the bottles don't require  any special retooling or complex machine recalibration, so they can be installed on existing lines almost immediately. The bottles are also thick enough to withstand normal fill pressures, so lines can run at the same speeds they normally do.

With a product that satisfies  both consumers and companies, Pin Mao's Heavy Base Bottles are the ideal solution for reducing  costs while keeping lines running. 

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