Roses and pearls for dreamy compacts

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Pin Mao's products are easily recognizable by packaging buyers around the world as the Taiwanese company's packaging products are designed and produced to perform well for at least the duration of the product as a minimum, in shapes, colours and finishes that always stand out from the packaging crowd.

The oyster compact is one such example with its intriguing shape and pearl finish.

Pin Mao's oyster compact stands out through its sleek finish with both the base and the top of the compact connecting together in a seamless fashion. The compact benefits from a special indent to indicate the location of the closure whilst also offering a striking break in the form of the packaging which immediately catches the eye.

With its pearl finish, the oyster compact can be matched to other make-up packaging products to offer an exciting collection of cosmetic products, with its pearl colour being the ideal complement to products with a golden finish.

Another of Pin Mao's products which stands out is its Rose-coloured compact. Benefiting from two areas to keep the sponge applicator away from the make-up product, the slight curvature of this square compact along with its smooth finish, ensure that it is particularly eye-catching.

Packaging buyers that would like to see Pin Mao's products on display can speak with the company at Cosme Tech Tokyo, stand 26-12 where the team will be showcasing a variety of products and will welcome any questions about the company's packaging products or services.


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