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Pin Mao releases a line of droppers, with both single-use and reusable options

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Pin Mao's latest packaging concept is the much awaited KL Series, designed after receiving extensive feedback from clients and interested firms. The KL line offers convenience and ease of use for pharmaceutical treatments as well as high end beauty or cosmeceutical treatments. The key selling point of the series is that a full range of treatment options can be released, including single serves items in the the 3ml to 5ml range, as well as multiple dose treatments within the 10ml to 30ml range.

Within the beauty space, treatments for hair and skin are often packaged as single dose treatments, often in a luxurious coffer holding a week's supply. Others are packaged as a full treatment within a re-usable container that can last throughout the treatment's course. The KL Series has containers from 3ml all the way up through 30ml so a company can select it's preferred treatment style.

As pharmaceutical products are often used in a similar fashion, the containers and dispensing heads are made of highly compatible HDPE, offering a clean repository as well as excellent barrier properties against light and gasses.

Each container features a very long spout for ease of use during application as well as a small overcap nib to keep the product hygienic and efficacious throughout its use.

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Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development for a number of years now, and has garnered a reputation for offering an incredible number of standard lines that are easily decorated to create unique packaging concepts. The company has recently released its latest line, the IL series, with a simple, elegant silhouette that can make an excellent addition to existing personal care brand lines or serve as the centrepiece for a new market launch. Featuring an octagonal shape, the IL series is an eye-catching piece.

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