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Plastopiave never stops. It is always creating and manufacturing new plastic containers according to market requests, customer needs and seasonal trends for the cosmetic, personal beauty, pharmaceutical, detergent, food, chemical and agrochemical markets. The newest offerings from the company include pharmaceutical jars and syrup bottles and a line of bottles perfect for the personal care market.

With the pharmacy sector always growing, the latest innovations from Plastopiave include two pill jars and two syrup bottles available in white, natural, amber and cobalt blue or different colours upon request.

The new 100ml PIL0150PE, incorporating a tamper evident closure, goes to increase the large variety of pill jars made of PE and the 300ml PIL0300PETG is a new addition to the PIL PETG line. The 300ml jar is available with a choice of 3 different caps: Plastic screw cap, aluminium screw cap or tamper evident plastic cap.

The SR syrup bottles are new sizes to the PS line. Available in PETG, both the 250ml SR0250PETG and 300ml SR0300PETG, sport a child proof closure.

Plastopiaves's new LE line has been manufactured especially for the personal care market. It comprises 7 cylindrical bottles in sizes from 100ml to 1000ml perfect for the cosmetic care sector which are available in any choice of colour and can be print decorated to fit corporate branding.

The 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml and 500ml come with a 24/410 neck finish; the 250ml and 500ml are also available with a larger 38/400 neck whilst the 1000ml bottle is has a 28/410 neck. The standard neck finishes make the bottles suitable for a variety of different caps dispensers and pumps.

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