SMART 35 offers you savings and improved sustainability

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With an exceptional optimized weight of only 2.0g and with no need for an overcap, SMART 35 is the lightest one-in-all actuator on the market, offering you the same functionalities – including the spray quality – as the current more complex and heavier actuators. One-piece, one-resin, elegant, convenient, and ultra-light, SMART 35 is the ultimate reference for combining savings and sustainability. With this cup-fitting actuator it is even possible to optimize both packaging cost and inventory by using SMART 35 for a complete range of different can diameters.

SMART 35 is powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology – patent pending – which negates the need for the insert while keeping excellent spray quality. It is the second portfolio product from the new disruptive Actuator generation from PRECISION that offers to the brands an innovative solution, to the increasingly complex question: “how to generate savings in improving sustainability”?

SMART 35, available with a PCR option, is suitable for Personal Care and Households segments, among others.

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