Digital heat transfer foil with a metallized effect, by Preco

Preco’s digital heat transfer foil is an efficient and cost-effective packaging decoration for brands to launch a new product without conventional mass production limits. The immediate solution reflects customizable and stunning metallized visual effect.

Specially targeting for….

  • Small lot production launch: with limited time and budget
  • Sampling trial: for retailers prior to mass production
  • Market research: by trying multiple and variable design concepts

Metallized effect at an affordable cost:

Our Digital heat transfer film can print not only CMYK + White, but also Metallized colors.  Unlike conventional printing methods with which high MOQs and costs are required for Metallization, our digital printed heat transfer foil can be produced in small quantities at an affordable cost.

Clean image definition by Metallized colors:

Almost no printing deviation so fine letters and crisp edged imagery is possible, even with metallized colors.

No printing plate required:

As the data is digitally processed, there is no printing plate required, resulting in shorter development time and lower initial cost. In addition, changes to a design or switch designs can be done with ease with a shorter lead-time when required.

Variable data in small lots:

It is possible to print variable data on the same roll, and run small lot production for marketing samples, design studies and trials for different designs.

Digital heat transfer film options:

Following types of Digital heat transfer foils are available from Preco:

  • CMYK + White (Digital)
  • CMYK + White + Metallized colors (Digital)
  • CMYK + White (Digital) + Pearl/Matte Metallic colors (Silk-screen printing)

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