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Craith Lab’s new epigenetic skincare range elevates beauty care using Quadpack’s airless packaging technology

Belgium-based skincare brand Craith Lab was launched in 2019 with a clear premise: to apply epigenetics science to cosmetics. Since then, the brand has developed three skincare ranges, and is working with Quadpack to ensure that its cutting-edge formulas are packaged using the latest airless technology.

Considered by many as one of the ‘next big things’ in science-based beauty care, epigenetics studies our lifestyles’ impact on our genes. They dig deep into how our DNA and RNA react to external factors, such as pollution, diet and stress, playing essential roles in skin health and ageing. Craith Lab transform these findings into scientific skincare solutions. “Our philosophy is to protect and heal skin cells – the true key to rejuvenation,” says Peter Smeels, CEO of Craith Lab.

The brand has partnered with Quadpack to package its three new product ranges, developed for customers with different ages and lifestyles:

Blue Line: focused on youth and sensitive skin types, it’s enriched with probiotics and helps overcome younger age-related issues.

Black Line: its EPI-Powershield3® formula detoxifies the skin while helping reduce the cell ageing process.

Gold Line: its EpiTECH® formula is based on epigenetics technology for rejuvenation.

For best performance and formula protection, Craith Lab has chosen Regula Airless Jar in 50ml and Regula Airless, in 30ml and 50ml. “We wanted to apply the same high-quality standards we have for our formulas to the packaging. Regula Airless is key for formula stability and performance, and it’s made in Europe, which is an added-value,” says Smeels. Designed and manufactured in Germany by Louvrette, a Quadpack company, the Regula Airless range uses a patented system to deliver the benefits of airless technology across multiple pack formats.

Craith Lab’s products can be found at European retail outlets and professional salons, as well as on the online platform Beauty App.

Discover the benefits of Quadpack’s airless packaging solutions.


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