Crystal Ballet: refillable airless wrapped in premium glass

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Quadpack’s new glass airless pack is refillable and made with recyclable materials

Luxury and functionality come together in the newest member of Quadpack’s airless portfolio.  Crystal Ballet is a refillable, double-wall airless pack, featuring a high-end glass bottle. Its elegant design houses powerful airless technology and a user-friendly refill system. Every component is made of recyclable materials, from the outer glass bottle to the inner refill, pump and cap. These attributes give it an Advanced level of sustainability, according to Quadpack’s PIP (positive-impact packaging) ratings system, based on comprehensive life-cycle analyses.

With Crystal Ballet, glass becomes the perfect ally for premium brands, thanks to its solidity, transparency and cold-touch effect, to deliver an elevated user experience. A range of decoration techniques can be applied which can play with the double-wall structure, for a solution that perfectly adapts to any brand’s DNA.

Besides the premium glass bottle, the inner components (refill cartridge, pump engine and cap) are made of PP and the refill cap comes in PE. The airless pump is entirely metal-free. All components are easily dismantlable for ease of recycling.

Conscious of the weight impact of glass, Quadpack has focused on the smaller capacities for facial products: 15, 20, 30 and 50ml. Airless technology protects the integrity of the formula and ensures little waste, thanks to its high restitution rate. With precision dosing at 0.20cc per stroke, it is ideal for skincare and skinceutical formulas, such as treatments and moisturising creams.

Download the Environmental Report for Crystal Ballet.

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