PCR solutions – Linfa dispensing pump

As market leaders in dispensing pumps, Rieke is committed to shaping the packing industry to help the environment.

We understand that our customers have ambitious sustainable commitments such as

“30% of post-consumer recycled content target across all plastic packaging by 2025” or “Use 100% of re-usable recyclable or compostable packaging by 2030”.

Therefore, with all of customer’s sustainable goals in mind, over the past couple of years we have design products that are, reusable, recyclable or compostable, where possible. Additionally, we started working with Post-Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR) and taken a huge step into applying PRC to our dispensing pumps.

One great example of this is our Linfa dispensing pump, which was enhanced with PCR to help with your sustainable goals. Our new Linfa dispensing pump is made from up to 50% PCR, significantly reducing carbon footprint, while maintaining its optimum performance and keeping the product’s integrity with its no metal contact design.

This product is in line with our focus on significantly reducing virgin plastic introduced in the environment by 2025. Helping you achieve your sustainable goals.

To learn more about our Linfa dispensing pump made with PCR, click here.

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