Recycle-ready dispenser keeps beauty industry clean

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Sustainable packaging is at the core of innovation in the industry right now as packaging manufacturers are getting creative with products to ensure that they can be recycled or meet guidelines for reduced virgin materials and a lower carbon footprint.

Rieke, part of the global TriMas family of businesses, has recently launched a new dispenser pump onto the consumer beauty and personal care market that has been designed so that it can be fully recycled after use.

The patented Mono™-2 pump is recycle-ready, with all parts of the dispenser produced from a single monomer grade so that the consumer does not need to separate the product in order to recycle it, nor does the dispenser add any contaminates into its recycling stream.

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Key features of Rieke's Mono™-2 pump

  • 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for consumer beauty & personal care products
  • E-commerce ready & Amazon approved
  • Mono-material
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Sustainability Packaging Coalition Innovator Awards 2020 finalist
  • Fully tested for production and commercial robustness
  • Available now!

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