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Rieke's journey towards a circular economy

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We are pleased to announce the inclusion of recycled polymers in our dispensing pumps.

Our Linfa dispensing pump, from our Nautilus Spring Pump range, has been selected to be applied on a cosmetic Brand with ingredients of natural origin in combination with a bottle with recycled plastic at 50%.

We have selected a resin of 50% PIR and 50% PCR to guarantee excellent mechanical properties, color stability and life reliability of the Brand in combination with a significant carbon footprint reduction. Such benefits are on top of the metal-free pathway that the Nautilus Spring Pump range provides.

This proposal is the continuity of the Rieke-Taplast commitment for a responsible circular economy where the polymer will be recycled and reused many times. That means taking fast and radical actions to lead the business model where plastics will play a sustainable part.

We have already industrialized several other dispensers in PIR and PCR. The technical know-how requests a structured action starting from the product redesign to the mould and process implementation to new features and melt-index in order to guarantee long term reliability, consistency and repeatability.

This is in support of our Customer’s strategy to significantly reduce virgin plastic introduced in the environment by 2025.

To learn more about our Linfa pump, click here.

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