Selene airless dispenser benefits brands and consumers

Selene is a market-leading range of airless dispensers specifically designed for both the health and beauty markets. With customizable options available, Selene provides exceptional dispensing from a premium-feel pack.

The airless technology utilized by Rieke in its Selene range not only blocks out oxygen which can debilitate the formulation, but the non-metal product evacuation pathway also maintains the integrity of the product, so that the possibility for a chemical reaction is minimized. Rieke's airless technology is ideal for maintaining formulations without the requirement for extra preserving agents, thus facilitating a prolonged product lifetime with no unnecessary chemical additions which can agitate and distress sensitive skin conditions.

With its sleek form, Selene is ideal for both beauty and health brands, offering a universal exterior canvas for a variety of designs and finishes which can be further enhanced through silk screening, hot stamping or the addition of a label.

Each and every actuation delivers a precise dosage of 0.3cc product, enabling 99% of the formulation to be evacuated so that the consumer can take full advantage of the product until the pack is depleted.

Rieke's Selene airless dispensers are a pre-assembled one-piece system with overcap, produced in PP with a simple top filling process.

Click here to access and download the Selene airless dispenser information sheet in pdf.

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