Rieke was the pioneer of the first mechanically-inserted plug and flange assembly

Did you know that Rieke invented the first mechanically-inserted plug and flange assembly for industrial drums?

Today we offer a wide range of closures for industrial drums – from plastic and steel plugs and flanges to overcaps, drum rings, drum faucets and more. Our industrial drum solutions protect your valuable products from contamination and tampering.

Your trusted partner for industrial drum products

  • We have successfully served the requirements of our worldwide customers in different industrial end markets with an extensive product portfolio for decades, making Rieke a One-Stop-Shop.
  • As global innovators and experts in anti-counterfeit solutions, we have a wide selection of products to help you defeat fraudsters and protect your brand, ensuring your product’s integrity is always unharmed.
  • In partnership with our customers, we can develop customized solutions for your dedicated packaging project, or simply offer our wide range of existing high-quality closures to meet your packaging needs.

Contact us to learn more about our wide range of caps, closures and dispensing solutions.

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