Seriplast's Micro Roll-On's


Included within Seriplast's ampoule packs are the company's micro roll-ons. Provided in 2 different 1ml formats, the micro roll-ons are ideal for luxury samples, fragrances, highly concentrated serums and liquid formulations that benefit from rollerball application.

The micro roll-on line, which is manufactured in France, provides the consumer with precise use thanks to the pack's integrated ball so that the formulation can be gently applied exactly where the user chooses, whether that be the delicate skin around the eye, a specific pulse spot, or to treat a blemish. Brands can choose between a rigid ampoule or a soft tube according to their requirements.

Both the vial and the PE micro-tube are available with a choice of glass, stainless steel or plastic rollerball integrated into the top of the pack. Furthermore, the cylindrical 1ml vial can be manufactured in either PP or rPET.

Seriplast's patented micro roll-on packs are a simple yet safe and effective solution for product application and despite the packs' 52mm size, hot stamping or silk screen decoration ensure that these petite packs make a big impact.

Full product specifications can be found in the Ampoules section of Seriplast's packaging catalog. Alternatively, contact Seriplast for further details.

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