New square luxury is premiered in Dubai


Seriplast is debuting its brand-new bottle pack at stand 3-D36 of beautyworld Middle East in Dubai. The new pack showcases an important collaboration between some of the world's best packaging manufacturers as Seriplast has worked alongside Virospack and Silgan Dispensing to present a perfectly functioning pack that is ideal for luxury formulations.

Seriplast's new bottle pack comprises a premium square-shaped PET bottle with a capacity of 30ml that can be complemented by either a cosmetic dropper for liquid cosmetics or a finger pump for creamy treatments.

Sophisticated elegance

The square PET bottle takes full advantage of PET's capacity to resemble glass, featuring exceptional transparency plus a pleasant tactile feel in the hand which is further enhanced visually through the bottle's heavy base.  Whether brands choose to use the new pack for creams, special facial treatments or serums, the new bottle is designed to make a clear statement on the shelf.

"With an appearance as transparent as glass, this brand-new PET bottle offers 30ml of elegance that will charm users with its sophisticated and high-end look."

Seriplast's expertise in print decoration techniques will enable brands to offer a unique pack that is as sophisticated as the formulation within. 

Collaboration of excellence

To ensure a finished pack that would combine elegance with excellence, Seriplast collaborated with 2 of the industry's most well-known dispenser manufacturers: The dropper is manufactured by Virospack, and the finger pump is produced by Silgan Dispensing.

Both companies are recognized across the packaging industry for their unique expertise in the manufacture of dispensers that are highly functional throughout the product's entire useful lifetime in order to offer the consumer the best experience of the new square bottle pack from first use until last.

Contact Seriplast for further information, or visit stand 3-D36 at beautyworld Middle East (Dubai) and be the first to see this brand-new luxury product innovation!

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