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Foamers done well

spotlight on SR Packaging

The Phantom White

SR Packaging's "Phantom White" foamer is one of the best items in that genre we've come across. So much so, that after our photo shoot using a sample item, several staff members participating enquired as to how many we had in our European office, in case they might be able to take one home. We tested it with thin fluids as well as viscous products and the results were always the same: thick, perfect foam.

Foamers have become much more popular over the last decade as a way to provide a more effective and attractive way to dispense personal care products in small doses. Originally used in public restrooms as a simple way to limit the amount of product dispensed, thereby extending the length of time in between refilling, the foamer concept has jumped to home use. It's favoured by many due not only to the dispensing being more economical but also thanks to the richness of the tactile experience.

The best part of SRP's foam pumps is that the dispenser draws the product from the container and mixes it with air at the point of dispensing, enabling the foam to emerge without the use of traditional aerosol technology or propellants. This means that the use of the product emits no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and is not subject to the problems normally associated with aerosol dispensing, such as containers that may burst if under extreme temperatures or high atmospheric pressure.

SRP  is an expert in dispensing solutions, and offers a number of innovative concepts related to getting products into consumers' hands (literally). Over the years, the company has solved many dispensing issues related not only to personal care products, but also to cosmetics. Its "Back-Suction Pump", for example, is now an industry leader in dispensing thin cosmetic oils and essences, thanks to its ability to eliminate spillage and leakage by sucking the last dispensed portion back into the product reservoir. After initial design and engineering, SRP develops its pump mechanisms in Japan, thanks to that country's focus on nourishing precision industrial tooling techniques and incredible quality control. As such, SRP is a well known name in the Japanese packaging market and has won over a number of Japanese cosmetic brands.

Apart from dispensing, SRP also manufactures a number injection-, extrusion-, and blow-moulded plastic components and currently offers luxury packaging solutions to the cosmetic and personal care markets. Headquartered in Taiwan, the firm maintains three production facilities in Asia as well as branch offices in Shanghai and Dallas in the USA.

Internationally, SRP is a professional service provider maintaining strict quality control standards, and cooperates with world-renowned brands in maintaining long-term relationships, including Ko’se, The Body Shop, Shu Uemura, Crabtree & Evelyn, Boots, Revlon, and many more.

Thanks to the "Phantom White" foamer, the company has once again consolidated its position as a reputable source for innovative, luxury dispensing solutions.

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