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    The All Plastic Airless Pump Bottle

    • Sun-Rain

    Sun-Rain, a specialist in the design and manufacture of cosmetic and personal care packaging, releases its latest innovative solution, The All Plastic Airless Pump Bottle.

    Providing a metal-free pathway for formulations, the All Plastic Airless Bottle is compatible with 3 varieties of all plastic springs including silicone, TPE and PP. In the absence of a conventional metal spring, the risk of unwanted reactions to metal is prevented, keeping your product intact. 

    Combining the benefits of an all-plastic pathway with airless protection creates the ideal pack for skincare and cosmetic markets. 

    The patented bottle is produced using PP material, giving the pack a high recyclability rate and helping brands meet their own sustainable development goals. The pack is also available incorporating Post Consumer Recycled materials for an extra eco-friendly step.

    In addition to pack's advanced features, Sun-Rain can ensure a reliable and functional bottle all around having undergone stability testing including 3000 Compression Fatigue testing. 

    Design-wise, Sun-Rain has created a sleek and professional look, using distinctive curves for a modern and comfortable smooth pump head. 

    Dosing measures include 0.15CC, 0.25CC, 0.5CC and 0.9CC.

    For more information, contact Sun-Rain or browse the catalog

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