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    The Soft Light Oil Sprayer: Minimum Effort, Maximum Output for Oil Cosmetics

    • Sun-Rain

    Sun-Rain’s latest innovation is the Spray Pump series comprising of The Soft Light Oil Sprayer and The Micron Fine Sprayer.

    Oil has become an increasingly popular viscosity and ingredient in cosmetics and skin care, so Sun-Rain has developed the ideal packaging partner for products incorporating oil elements.  

    The Spray Pump series has been especially designed to enhance user experience requiring minimal effort for maximum output.

    The Soft Light Oil Sprayer

    The Soft Light Oil Sprayer only requires a gentle pressure of 10-16N, while ordinary spray requires almost double the effort at 20-30N. The spray achieves fine atomization with particle size as low as 5.15 macrons, with atomization lasting for 3 seconds. The pump dispenses a soft light oil sprayer with a discharge rate of 0.13cc.

    The sprayer has a beautiful and fashionable appearance and is popular in the makeup and body care markets. It is lightweight, ergonomically designed, and perfect for low-concentration oily liquids.

    The neck sizes available are 24/410 and 33/410, which are suitable for different capacity PET bottles, ideal for products such as makeup setting spray, deodorant spray and low-concentration oily liquids.

    For more information contact Sun-Rain or visit the catalog

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