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    Refillable Lotion Bottles With A Professional Look

    • Sun-Rain

    Sun-Rain’s SR-2221 model offers numerous benefits for brands and consumers, ticking all the latest trends, all with a stylish and professional appearance.


    This refillable lotion bottle uses AS for the outer bottle, and PP for the inner replaceable container, both of which are recycle-friendly.


    The intuitive design allows users to effortlessly replace the inner bottle with a new and more economical refill pack.

    The simple process involves opening the cap, taking out the inner bottle and then press the bottom of the bottle and turn to introduce the new pack.


    The inner and outer bottles combined create a natural double wall which can be utilized to create a cool chic visual from the shelf. The wide pump head connects seamlessly to the cylindrical bottle for a strong dependable structure with welcoming curves for comfortable usage.

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