Cushion Compacts: Sophisticated and On-Trend

  • Taesung

Taesung supplies the personal care and cosmetic market with sophisticated packaging solutions, that reliably represent brands with high functionality.

Amongst Taesung’s cosmetic collection is a wide range of compacts, in various styles to serve dry and wet formulations.

Cushion compacts are a popular choice for the application of facial cosmetics, as they offer many benefits to customers.

Cushion compacts are user-friendly and include applicators to ensure more thorough and even coverage, as opposed to manual application using your hands. Combining a sponge applicator with a pressed wet formula is an effective way to achieve the fresh dewy look for an on-trend finish.

Taesung’s oval-shaped compact TCP-040Y, provides a secure and stylish solution for compact foundations. Complete with a mirror, a sifter and a built-in space for a sponge applicator, the compact presents an all-in-one solution.

The product is protected by an inner lid and secure click closure, reducing the risk of contamination or spillages with less product wastage, meaning the compact is safe on the go in handbags.

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