Tekni-Films launches line of monolayer, laminated thermoformable films for cosmetic applications

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Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex business, is introducing a new line of Tekniflex® PX monolayer and laminated thermoformable films for cosmetic applications.

“Thermoforming is now the go-to processing technology for the fast-paced, evolving cosmetics promotional packaging market. Because thermoforming offers shape customization benefits with limited tooling costs, it provides a luxurious sampling option for premium brands.

Unlike sachets and packets which are two dimensional, thermoforms are formed into three-dimensional packages, mimicking full-sized, retail versions. Tekni-Films has developed a suite of materials to meet a broad range of needs,” explained Melissa Green, senior director global marketing--films.

Included in the product line is Tekniflex PX monolayer copolyester. The polyester-based structure carries a “resin code 1” and therefore, provides an alternative for more “challenging to recycle” thermoformable materials.

Additionally, the line features Tekniflex PXP (lamination to polyethylene (PE), for improved peel or weld seals), Tekniflex PXA (lamination to Aclar® film for enhanced moisture barrier and chemical resistance), Tekniflex PXAP (lamination to Aclar film and PE for enhanced moisture barrier, chemical resistance and sealability) and Tekniflex PXPO (lamination to EVOH for improved oxygen barrier, sealability and product compatibility).

“Tekniflex PX thermoformable films let you push creative shape boundaries. Our material structures will meet your performance objectives, shorten your speed-to-market and give you a competitive edge when trying to differentiate cosmetics in a crowded category,” Green said.

The structures are backed by Tekni-Films’ multi-decade track record of providing thermoformable barrier materials to the global marketplace for a variety of applications.

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