A global leader in the Healthcare and Consumer Product markets, TekniPlex provides medical device components and a multitude of material science solutions that lead to a healthier and more sustainable world.

Tekni-Plex is a globally integrated company that provides innovative solutions through materials science and manufacturing technologies. A global leader in the healthcare and consumer product markets, TekniPlex provides medical device components and a multitude of materials science solutions that lead to a healthier and more sustainable world. Its solutions are found in some of the most well-known names in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal care, household, and food & beverage markets.

Headquartered in Wayne, Pa., Tekni-Plex employs 7,000 team members throughout its operations in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Northern Ireland, and the United States.


  • Global sales of approximately $620 million USD across 3 industries that form Tekni-Plex.
  • Operations in 10 countries (United States, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Northern Ireland, Germany, China, India, Costa Rica and contract manufacturing in Argentina).
  • Over 2,200 employees around the world
  • Leader in many areas such as foam egg cartons, aerosol package and dispensing pump components and medical tubing


Tekni-Plex will be the trusted global partner for our customers.

We will be a leader in creating and commercializing new materials, technologies, and products utilizing a network of highly efficient facilities around the world. We will be an employer of choice for people who value safe, collaborative, challenging and rewarding work.


Tekni-Plex is a technically diverse global business that develops and manufactures market-leading solutions for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Specialty Packaging companies. We create value for our customers and our company by applying the highest standards of safety, quality, innovation, and satisfaction to all of our interactions with employees, customers, and suppliers.


Integrity and Trust

We are personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior which includes being honest in intent and actions, setting high personal standards and living by them, and being trustworthy and respecting confidentiality. We will treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.

Safety and Environment

We ensure our own safety and the safety of others.

We act with care for the environment and make business decisions that respect safety and the environment.

Valuing People/Employee Fulfillment

We value each employee for their own strengths, abilities and perspectives. We commit to equal employment opportunity and balance work and life. The employee who demonstrates the value of employee fulfillment recognizes that people have a need to grow as human beings, to expand their horizons and to meet new challenges.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

We strive to instill customer loyalty by ensuring customer satisfaction. This require susto respect our customers, listen to their requests, understand their expectations and to develop relationships to become an integral part of their success.


We constructively challenge for a better way and sponsor creativity and the sharing of ideas. We embrace ideas for improvement, proactively identify opportunities for growth, and capture and share knowledge.


We seek that our products and service will be “best in class” and we will be professional in everything we do.