TricorBraun has grown to be the undisputed leader in rigid packaging and related services. Through hard work, perseverance and smart, strategic growth, the company has experienced phenomenal success including the ongoing development of designs, molds, territories, engineering capabilities and a broad selection of services.

TricorBraun is dedicated to offering an industry-leading range of products and services worthy of today's brands. The firm believes that having more options gives its customers more power. TricorBraun's selection includes the largest library of stock molds in North America, enhanced by the company's considerable access to global resources. Factor in extensive capabilities in custom package design and engineering, logistics, and international sourcing, and TricorBraun offers the best packaging options available anywhere.

The difference comes from the company's dedicated people and the core values they share. Throughout the firm's 110-year history of leadership, these values have helped deliver on the company's promises to customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. TricorBraun takes pride in a culture dedicated to offering not just options, but that extra human factor referred to by the company as Options Plus.

Whenever a company sources packaging, a wider selection means more power to achieve business goals. TricorBraun meets that challenge with an exhaustive range of options and a uniquely resourceful culture. The company either finds just what a customer is looking for, or will help create it.

Stock Packaging: Every known item, from every source.

Stock packaging offers convenience and value, and it can be sourced immediately and on an ongoing basis. TricorBraun has the largest library of stock molds in North America, including many exclusive, hard-to-find molds. The company also have an extensive network of international sources.

Custom Packaging: Creating new options to meet new needs.

Custom packaging lets a customer create a solution to suit a new product, functional specification or branding objective. TricorBraun's Design & Engineering group guides customers through the development phases, step by step, to create the right package on schedule and on budget.

Companies can approach their packaging and distribution with the power of TricorBraun's expertise. The company's extensive range of packaging services helps deliver products to consumers with exceptional efficiency. Consultants at the firm have broad expertise in precision mold engineering, international sourcing and localization, and logistics and storage solutions. That's just part of the picture, though. Many people also rely on the company's Design & Engineering group for step-by-step guidance through the custom package development process.

For more than a century, TricorBraun has been at the forefront of packaging developments, often driving innovation. The TricorBraun team prides itself on keeping abreast of the latest technical advances and understands the benefit of sharing information and collaborating with industry partners. As a member of organizations such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the company gains the knowledge to contribute to the general availability of effective and sustainable rigid packaging solutions for all industries. Essentially, sustainability is the capacity to endure. In packaging, it touches on the social, ecological and economic consequences of the entire supply chain, from the extraction and processing of raw materials to design, manufacturing, distribution, use and, in turn, disposal and recycling. Sustainable packaging must also protect the product over its intended life cycle while using resources efficiently.

TricorBraun's long-term objective is to create effective packaging while reducing the product's environmental impact and ecological footprint, so that its packaging:

  • Meets market criteria for both performance and cost
  • Optimizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials
  • Is made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios
  • Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial closed-loop cycles

TricorBraun keeps up with emerging materials and practices in order to provide greener options and help others achieve sustainability. Packaging is a process with many variables, and customers can can count on TricorBraun consultants to address every angle with an abiding passion, as their skills and initiative allow the company to add value with speed, efficiency and ingenuity.