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The consumer experience needs to be social, experiential, and seamless.

There’s an important connection between packaging design and functionality and the consumer’s evolving lifestyle and needs. We make it a priority to understand consumer behavior and preferences so that your packaging not only connects with consumers but outperforms their expectations. A positive consumer experience will lead to repeat purchases and ultimately, brand loyalty.

So, what are the biggest lifestyle trends that we see today and what impact do these trends have on packaging preferences and the growth of ecommerce?

In our connected world, the consumer experience needs to be social (minimalist, Instagram-worthy and photogenic), experiential (tactile, differentiated and interactive) and seamless (intuitive, protected and reliable). Consumers are nomadic, have a sense of urgency, are multi-taskers and they are looking for ways to save time and money. They are also highly health conscious and they pay more attention than ever before to things like product authenticity and a company or brand’s social responsibility and engagement.

What does all of this mean for your packaging?

Beyond protecting and preserving the product, packaging must meet the consumer’s need for packaging performance and purchase convenience. It must also demonstrate and convey authenticity and social responsibility. That’s where ecommerce planning comes into play.

Every time a company designs a rich, useful or new experience with primary or secondary packaging, it raises the bar for what consumers want, expect or care about. If the experience is frustrating or annoying, if the package leaks and compromises the condition of other packages in the box, the consumer may not give your company a second chance.

Consumers expect 2-day shipping and overnight is next. Ecommerce makes it so easy for consumers to get what they want, when they want it – but it also makes it easy for them to return it, if it is not exactly what they hoped to receive. In fact, return rates are currently as high as 20-30%.

Brand owners who want to take advantage of the growth of ecommerce must have a packaging strategy that ensures commercial success.

37% of the global population

are active social media users

64% of U.S. households

have an Amazon Prime account
We are more "connected" than ever before.

5 hours

is the average time spent on mobile devices in the US per day

Now trending!

  • Micro-moments (turning to a device to act on something.)
  • Brands born online (Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, etc).
  • Subscription CPG (My Lola, Ritual, The Honest Company, etc).
  • Concept stores
  • Self-service retail (kiosks, vending machines, etc).
  • Influencers and Bloggers
  • Social media advertisements
  • Unboxing and haul videos
  • On-demand streaming media
  • Wearable tech and smart clothing
  • Smart assistants (Siri, Echo, Nest, etc).
  • VR and AR to superimpose 3D images.
  • AI for personalized experience (chat bots).

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