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Boomers value accessible packaging

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Inclusive design is gaining awareness with consumers and brands alike. Regardless of age, gender or ability, the inclusive ethos calls for products, systems, and environments to be designed for, and used by, as many people as possible.

When we consider the Boomer generation specifically, symptoms of aging like weakening grip, poor vision, and lower dexterity are common. But when combined, these altered abilities make certain forms of packaging more challenging to use.1 Being unable to pry open a package or read label details are frustrating interactions that can be costly to brands looking to retain consumers from this influential demographic.

"Boomers control the most household wealth in the U.S. and are arguably the influential consumer group of the moment."2

Savvy brands will take the evolving needs of this generational cohort into account when developing new products and packages. And those that take the time to earn Boomers’ trust will be rewarded with purchase loyalty. Let’s dig into key considerations when designing a package for maximum accessibility across demographics.

Packaging Design Cues for Accessibility: Readability

Decreased vision is simply a reality of aging, and brands are addressing and alleviating this often-frustrating obstacle for Boomers by efforts to, for instance, increase font size and incorporate texture.

Packaging Cues:

  • Tactile details or textures
  • Large font and direct language
  • Bold or contrasting colors and tones


Dexterity diminishes as we age and so the task of opening a pill bottle becomes even more challenging than the child-locked products that for some, seem to be adult-proof. Brands old and new have addressed this and are winning loyalty with features like EZ grip caps or continuous sprayer features that can be life-changers in a pinch.

Packaging Cues:

  • Closures with overemphasized texture
  • Silicone or thermo-plastic elastomers (TPE) over-molding
  • Wider diameters
  • Continuous spray trigger sprayers

Simplicity & Clarity

Brands leverage design to keep it simple and clean via elements like ample white space, paring down of information, and putting key product information front and center for an audience primarily concerned with function (with elevating expectations around form).

Packaging Considerations

  • Wide label panel or deco space
  • Key product details emphasized on label
  • Easy dosing or dispensing
  • Easy open and re-seal

Packaging Thought Starters

Modernize the Stigmas – How can brands leverage upscale packaging to combat categories with stigma such as menopause care?

Positive Language - How can on-pack copy start incorporating terms such as 'vitality' or 'longevity' instead of 'anti-aging'?

Leverage Sustainability - How might brands incorporate sustainability into their packaging via the pack itself or via callouts that speak to a sustainable part of process?

For more information on the best packaging solutions for your target demographic, contact us.



1 Meet the Boomers: Trend and Consumer Study, The Ebco, December 28 2020
2 The Changing Shape of the CPG Demand Curve: Boomers, IRI Worldwide, July 24 2020

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