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    Which tube is best?

    • Tubeplant

    With decades of experience in the production of tubes, Spanish company Tubeplant is well-positioned in the tube industry.

    The company develops its tube products primarily for the cosmetic and beauty markets, however its tubes also lend themselves to the food and chemical industries respectively.

    Within the beauty industry tubes are commonly seen on shelves as an ideal packaging format for viscous products - hair care, facial and skincare creams, sun protection, oral care and more. Decorated in a spectrum of colours, tubes can be found in myriad capacities, diameters and heights, according to their required use.

    But, with different tube types available, which tube is best?

    Plastic tubes

    • PE plastic tubes are ideal for cosmetics. Tubeplant can produce its plastic tubes in various PE mixes of HDPE and LDPE to fit your brand's requirements.

    Laminate tubes

    • Laminate tubes are ideal across a range of markets from oral care to pharma, and food to chemical, because the laminate provides extra barrier protection for the content within. Tubeplant offers these tubes with either plastic laminate or aluminium laminate with exception decoration options.

    Aluminium tubes

    • Aluminium tubes are also used across a variety of markets and industries as they offer exceptionally high barrier protection and can safely contain very strong active ingredients.

    To find out more about Tubeplant's tube products, contact the Tubeplant team!

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