The Evolution of All Plastic Pumps to Mono Material Pumps

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UKPACK started its journey by loading its products with small acts of love for you and the planet, in bottles that are recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic. Now the company is working to make it's pumps recyclable, too! That’s why it took the journey to create a pump that’s ready to be recycled, made with you and the planet in mind.

Designed for the Planet

Traditional pumps pose a problem for our planet because they’re non-recyclable. Even when they’re tossed in the recycling bin, they often end up in landfills – or worse, they clog up recycling machinery. That’s because these pumps are often made with a handful of different materials, including metal springs, foam gaskets and various types of plastic that are hard to separate. Our new pump design is made with only one type of plastic, making it much easier to recycle.

Designed for You

With a revolutionary design, UKPACK’s new pump is easy to use and to recycle! This pump locks and unlocks so you can store it or travel without the mess. After months of development, testing and perfecting the design, it has worked to create a pump with a planet-friendly approach and ensured its friendly and easy for you to use, too!

Evolution of all plastic lotion pump to Mono material lotion pump:

The Evolution of All Plastic Pumps to Mono Material Pumps

Designed to Recycle

UKPACK made its new pump out of just one material, which means it’s designed to be more easily recycled than ever before! To give each pump (and bottle!) the best chance at a second life, all you have to do is remove the top, empty the bottle (remove as much product as you can, but no need to rinse!), and screw it back on before you recycle. The goal is for the bottles and pumps to make their way to local recycling centers, get cleaned and sorted properly, and turned into new plastic to close the loop!

For the next part of UKPACK’s journey, its working on making new pumps and bottles from recycled plastic!

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UKPACK has made more advancements in providing its customers with sustainable packaging solutions and can announce that the AllPlastic Pump has become easier to recycle, helping brands meet their sustainability goals.  UKPACK's AllPlastic Pump, now contains 100% polyolefin materials, which will make the recyclability process fully ready for a circular economy. The enhanced AllPlastic Bellows Pumps provide ease of recycling, yet with the same performance as previous TPE model.

Foamers at UKPACK

UKPACK offers matching foam bottles in a range from 50 to 650 ml. These foam bottles are produced from PET ,PETG or HDPE and fit the foam pumps perfectly. The PET foam bottles have a shiny and smooth appearance. As the neck is part of the injected preform this guarantees very narrow tolerances and therefore a guaranteed leak-free solution. The HDPE foam bottles have a more pharmaceutical appearance and can easily be produced in small quantities from 10,000 pieces in any one colour.

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