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    Verescence, World’s Leading Glass Manufacturer Devoted to the Beauty Industry.

    Who we are

    As the world leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry, we have been supplying the biggest brands with glass for over 120 years due to our extensive know-how and expertise. At the cutting edge of technology, we offer worldwide industry coverage thanks to our numerous plants and sales offices established on three continents. Passionate for our business, we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how to provide high-quality, innovative and eco-friendly product solutions for a host of international brands.

    What we do

    Fragrance & Beauty

    Our core business is glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry. We develop bottles with specific shapes that meet the demanding requirements of the world’s largest beauty brands.

    We also offer a wide range of stock bottles and many personalization techniques (colors, shapes and decoration) that can transform La Collection bottles and jars into customized creations. La Collection Fragrance & Beauty.



    We support our customers in developing luxury carafes featuring complex shapes and sophisticated finishes. We also offer a wide range of stock carafes with endless customization options.


    Since 1932, our plant in La Granja, Spain has been manufacturing and commercializing an extensive range of products in addition to glass bottles including glass insulators for high-voltage power lines. With over 100 million insulators installed all over the world, Verescence La Granja Insulators is well-known for its expertise and product range of unrivaled quality.