Yonwoo’s Spot Applicator Tubes Are Easy to Use

Yonwoo presents their line of Spot Applicator Tubes that make applying targeted skin care a breeze. 

With three spot care tube versions, they are suitable for a variety of applications. They work great for sampler and smaller sized products. These applicators are easy to use and offer high portability. 

The Appli-Dome Tube is suitable for basic skin care products such as essence and serum. The rounded applicator also makes products like lip balms and creamy blush apply effortlessly. 

Yonwoo’s Appli-Dropper Tube works great for liquid products such as essences, serums, and scalp treatments. The dropper is easy to control and can target small areas.

The Appli-Finger Tube has a flat and wide surface applicator. Consumers can pamper themselves with its massage head. It softly spreads out any essence, serum, and eye cream just like a finger. It also works great for concealers and other makeup products.

See what other products are possible in Yonwoo's catalog. 

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