Appli Dropper Tub is designed to look like Yonwoo's famous full size dropper tube.

Suitable for lotion, cream or balmy consistencies.

Ideal for targeted application. Comes in a fun sampler size.

Diameter : Ø16mm (Applicator : PP)

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Yonwoo’s 2 Way Applicator Tube provides two different delivery systems for cosmetics. When consumers remove the cap they unveil a sponge tip applicator for blending. Product is released through a hole in the center of the sponge. Pointed and domed sponge applicators are available for different cosmetic products. When consumers unscrew the sponge tip, there is a doe-foot tip in the tube that is used for precise application. The 2 Way Applicator is the ideal package for lip and cheek products. It also works great for under eye concealer and lid primers.

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