Focus on: ACTExact - G7 compliant low viscosity UV inks for the label industry

ACTEGA has introduced a new kind of UV Ink line that’s totally balanced, with all inks curing at the same rate. It’s easier to use on press, gives better proof-to-print matches and produces clean, brillant colors.

ACTExact™ UV ink line

Basically, it’s the kind of innovation you’d expect from the narrow web flexographic ink experts. This new product line is proven to be a better kind of ink that makes for better performance and processing, ultimately leading to happier customers. ACTExact UV Inks were created to give the market quality, balance and consistency to provide total ink harmony.

ACTEGA North America ACTExact inks offer:

  • Liquid, pourable consistency
  • Clean, brilliant colors
  • G7 centered
  • Better proof-to-print match
  • Wide color gamut expansion

Contact ACTEGA North America for more information.

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