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Winning the iF design Award 2023

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Is it a matter of luck that our Flairosol for personal care liquid dispensing device won a prize in the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2023? Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser, who created the look and feel of this consumer- and planet-friendly spray solution, doesn't think so.

Most important design award in the world

'The iF Awards are the oldest and most important design award in the world. Their standards are very high. So if from among 11,000 submissions your design catches the jury's eye, that's a strong external affirmation that you've done a good job,' says Robert, whose design of the Flairosol for personal care liquid dispensing solution gained a packaging prize in the iF Award’s Beauty/Health category.

'But the key behind a successful product like Flairosol for personal care is not just a stunning design: it's the coming together of aesthetics and ergonomics with outstanding engineering and functionality. The level of perfection that Flairosol represents in all three of those areas is what makes it a winner.'

Flairosol is about a shift in society

Robert goes on to say that as a designer, he is excited about the way in which Flairosol for personal care contributes to a shift in society. 'Flairosol is not just about packaging,' he says. 'This solution is free of aerosols and pressurized gases, and it’s refillable, so there’s much less plastic waste: this is about enabling consumers to care for the environment while caring for their bodies.'

'That means that as a designer I get to be part of a great product as well as of something much bigger: a step toward a cleaner, more sustainable planet. In that sense, Flairosol for personal care is pointing the way for a market in which our standards for waste reduction, premium performance and user experience are rising. I hope more and more people around the world replace the disposable, high-waste liquid dispensing solutions we’re often accustomed to with Flairosol. It’s a game changer in a lot of good ways.'

Consumers expect high performance and sustainability

'Design can definitely add a lot of value to consumer products, both in terms of marketing and consumer experience. But it only works if the product, and the vision behind it, can carry it. In the case of Flairosol for personal care, giving special attention to its look and feel was an important, strategic step toward a stronger market position.'

'Just think of all the liquids and foams today’s personal care brands are offering, and how consumers are lapping them up. From deodorant and hair care to skin care, facial sprays or sun protection. AFA Dispensing recognizes that these consumers want to be satisfied on a number of different fronts at once. Flairosol for personal care offers high performance, with some very advanced technology inside. It combines that with a unique sustainability profile, being free of aerosols and refillable. In effect, it turns liquids into a luxury, planet-friendly experience for users. Which is precisely what next-gen consumers are looking for.'

Look and feel meets user experience

'Against that backdrop, AFA has also recognized that a super enjoyable, sustainable solution will not go down well with consumers if it is wrapped up in a tech-y, commoditized looking spray bottle: in personal care, and especially at the higher end of the market, consumers expect a superb look and feel that will further enhance the overall experience.'

'That's where design, when properly merged with engineering, functionality and marketing, can help to make a difference in many ways. A sleek design can create a more luxurious look while actually reducing waste and material cost. It can create less of a packaging and more of product appearance: with Flairosol for personal care, it has led to the development by AFA of a sample box that showcases a truly eye-pleasing and nicely customizable range of liquid dispensing solutions for all kinds of applications. The Flairosol for personal care sample box, and the products inside, are a good example of how design can trigger interest and actually help convince people that what they’re looking at could change the game in a number of ways.'

'In the end, what next-gen consumers expect from their products is that blend of perfectly engineered technology, superb functionality, a convincing environmental footprint, and a look and feel they’ll be glad to be associated with. Flairosol for personal care has all of that. In my view, it’s a real game changer.'

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