Flairosol is a Triple Game Changer

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Choosing a material for your bottle? Go sustainable!

With sustainability at the top of consumers' minds, the push for recyclable, green bottle materials like glass is at an all-time high. If you're looking to meet this trend while designing eye-catching, ergonomic bottles, look no further than Flairosol. The sprayer's non-pressurized containers now offer a unique advantage – flexibility in bottle materials.


The Flairosol dispensing systems can change the game for your brand – as well as for your consumers and wider market – in several ways.

A world free of aerosols

Contribute to a cleaner world! The Flairosol dispensing systems are leading the way as a liquid dispensing solution that does not use environmentally harmful pressurized gases. On top of that, it comes with a recharge option that reduces cost and waste.

Target new, demanding audiences

Flairosol is continuously advancing to develop new solutions that answer to current audience demands. With each new release, Flairosol offers exciting new features, such as travel-proof dimensioning, an all-plastic version, and an integrated lock.

Focus on what you’re best at

Flairosol is backed by the global reach and full-service approach of AFA Dispensing Group. This means the company offers maximum support for your filling, design & packaging, refilling, and even formulating operations. This leaves you to focus on what you do best: indulging your consumers with the liquids they love.

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