A Stronger OpUs for Stronger Bleach Formulas

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After its launch in 2008, AFA Dispensing's OpUs became a household name in the trigger sprayer industry. Its extreme durability and superior performance were put to the test by brands all over the world, becoming a synonym for premium spraying in the household and industrial markets.

Naturally, new variants were developed over time. For years, AFA's R&D team studied the different needs and obstacles OpUs could encounter. It quickly became apparent that certain cleaning products, particularly those that worked with strong beach formulas, would cause malfunctions in the dispensers at a faster rate. The bleach was affecting the sprayer's PP structure.

A Stronger OpUs for Stronger Bleach Formulas

By changing the source material of the affected parts, the team was able to come up with a completely new OpUs variant: the OpUs Forte Bleach, a stronger version that keeps the same high technical quality of the standard OpUs. So. bye bye bleach issues!

Want to learn more? Contact us now, and let the team at AFA find the right OpUs for your product needs.

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