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APC Packaging Has the Perfect Dropper for your Brand Requirements

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From glass to mono-material, APC Packaging has the dropper to meet your sustainable and brand requirements. And let's be honest, in the world of personal care and cosmetics, precision, sustainability, and elegance are the most important factors to create a remarkable user experience. A list of requirements APC's droppers easily meet, becoming an ideal solution for serums, oils, fragrances, and even nail treatments.


Accurate Dosage Control
One of the most prominent advantages of using droppers is the accuracy they bring to dosage control. Whether it's a concentrated serum, a potent facial oil, or a fragrance that needs just a hint to make a statement, droppers allow users to measure out the exact amount needed. This accuracy not only ensures optimal product performance but also minimizes wastage, ultimately extending the lifespan of any product.

Targeted Application
Droppers enable users to precisely apply products to specific areas, which is particularly beneficial for skincare routines. With skincare becoming increasingly personalized, droppers allow customers to target troubled spots, fine lines, or areas requiring special attention.

Hygiene and Preservation
Unlike open containers or jars that expose the entire product to air and potential contaminants, droppers offer a hygienic and protective solution. The airtight seal provided by the dropper's cap helps prevent the degradation of sensitive ingredients due to exposure to oxygen and light. This not only maintains the product's effectiveness but also prolongs its shelf life.

Drop in to find the perfect dropper

Looking for solutions to your beauty packaging needs that meet your brand and sustainability requirements? Not able to find the packaging solution that you need? APC Packaging offers many more options including private molds. Get in touch with one of our packaging experts now!

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