APC Packaging Introduces Eco-Ready Packs at Cosmoprof Miami


APC Packaging will be introducing its latest innovations at Cosmoprof in Miami! Meet the EAPP – all-plastic airless pump – and the ERAJ – eco-ready refillable airless jar – masterpieces of modern sustainable packaging. Visit booth 225 to see how APC can increase the sustainability of your brand.

The All-Plastic Airless Pump

Unveiling the Eco-Ready All-Plastic Airless Pump – Elevate your skincare routine with this groundbreaking design, meticulously crafted from top-tier, durable plastic. Engineered with airless technology, this pump goes beyond the ordinary by eliminating the traditional metal spring, offering a seamless and eco-friendly solution for precise dispensing. Redefine your product experience with innovation that prioritizes both quality and sustainability.

The Eco-Ready Refillable Jar

Introducing the Eco-Ready Refillable Airless Jar – This centerpiece of innovation combines an elegant design with an airtight, double-wall structure, ensuring the preservation of product integrity and an extended shelf life. The system also includes refillable inner cups that can be offered with a pressure-sensitive closure or service cap.

Remember to check out their debut at the first-ever Cosmoprof Miami show from January 23-25!

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