APC Packaging Introduces New Square PET Bottle


Introducing APC Packaging's latest innovation in packaging design: the TRSB Square PET Bottle! This one-of-a-kind square-shaped bottle has been specially crafted to accommodate large capacities while offering endless options for closures. From pumps to sprays, this versatile container is designed to meet all your packaging needs!

The TRSB’s distinctive square-shaped PET bottle, was designed specifically for your haircare or body care formulations in generous sizes. The square bottle is available in 200 ml, 250 ml, and 300 ml. Elevate your dedication to sustainability by embracing APC Packaging's innovative solutions, which are seamlessly able to integrate up to 100% PET PCR material. When engaging with our team, explore the extensive spectrum of customization possibilities, allowing you to tailor this packaging to perfectly align with your brand’s unique vision and precise requirements.

Curious to see how this bottle can elevate your packaging game? Contact us now to learn more.

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