Sustainable, Airless, Durable: APC Packaging Checks Every Mark with the BRGP Pump


APC Packaging's new Refillable Glass Airless Pump (BRGP)  is ready to take over the beauty industry. Offering the perfect blend of airless and refillable technologies, the latest addition to the company's portfolio of sustainable solutions also features a robust, heavy-walled glass bottle.

This ingenious packaging solution tackles eco-friendliness without compromising quality or durability. At its core, the inner bottle is replaceable and recyclable, diminishing waste at every step. Meanwhile, the outer heavy-walled glass bottle and actuator components are designed for enduring reusability, ensuring the product’s longevity.

Seeking to lower your brand's carbon footprint even further, the system readily integrates PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled materials). Of course, the use of recycled materials significantly reduces a product's environmental impact, but is also a great selling point, as more users gravitate towards sustainable solutions.

Want to learn more? Contact APC Packaging and discover the company's offer of premium sustainable packs for the beauty and personal care markets.

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